SCNA Judging Program - Youth


SCNA Judging Program - Youth

Program Goals:

The program is designed to teach basic and complicated information to our youth judging candidates. It is based on a number of achievements that must be mastered within a 3 year period.

Each of the program candidates are required to participate in local shows, both as exhibitors, and clerks, help with set up and tear down, and hopefully to experience all the parts of a show.

There are so many areas that are possibilities for growth in the program. The members not only learn about the basics of poultry keeping, but also learn to interact with the public, other poultry keepers, judges and other exhibitors. While the program is not designed to actually teach all the areas, it does point the members towards areas of knowledge that will help them to rightly judge a birds health, care and attributes. These areas are then both practiced and recognized by others as the achievements are accomplished.


· Applicant must be 14 years of age or older

· Applicant must have been raising purebred poultry of any breed for a minimum of 3yrs.

· Applicant must have been raising Serama for a minimum of 18 months.

Steps to Becoming a Youth Candidate: 

1.Write an Essay describing your experience with Seramas and Poultry in general, and explain why you want to be a judge.

2.Submit two letters of recommendation from adults who are active in the poultry or Serama world. Judges, 4H leaders, Ag teachers, SCNA breeders, etc.

3.Once accepted into the program you must complete the achievements for your age group and return the completed and signed forms to the program coordinator.

4.Participate in 50% of the virtual shows posted on the Youth Website or on the SCNA Facebook Group.

5.Take an active role in helping with shows in your area.

6.Volunteer to clerk at shows near you.

7.Become a well known responsible member of the SCNA family

For the entire Youth Judging Curriculum, please visit our SCNA Youth Program Website