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SCNA Judging Program - Adult


SCNA Judging Program - Adult

There are five primary steps toward becoming an SCNA judge, as follows:

1) Make your intentions known to the Judge's Licensing and Standards Committee.

2) Get two members to write a reference and submit it to the Judges Licensing Committee. It's best to have these in before you start clerking.

3) Begin immediately participating in the Virtual Shows. These can be found on the Forum as well as on Facebook. (Ask a committee member if you have any difficulty finding them) Another very helpful thing is for you to submit photos of birds for the virtual show. It's very helpful to see other people's comments about your birds so that you can start looking at them more objectively. We need photos of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

4) Begin to look for table-top shows near you and contact the superintendents about clerking at the show. Most of us have to make some pretty long trips to make this happen. SCNA cannot assist with those expenses but you should be able to deduct it on your taxes as an expense of your poultry business. At the end of each clerking assignment ask the judge to send in feedback to our committee. When all three have been completed you will want to notify the committee chair (so we can make sure we've gotten feedback from all judges) and we will set up a time for your exam and apprentice judging. We prefer that you apprentice judge at the Cajun Classic due to the volume and variety of birds.

5) When you have completed all these steps the committee will discuss your credentials and all feedback we've gotten. We will then make a recommendation to the Board of Directors and present you for approval at the annual meeting.

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