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How are the goals and objectives of this association accomplished? What are the benefits of joining?


The Constitution section of the organizing documents lists the purposes of the association in Art. 2. In general, the association provides a medium of communication through its Internet website and forum for current and successful Serama breeders to share their knowledge. At the same time, newcomers have an opportunity to get involved in the organization to help keep its blood flowing and maintain it as a viable, fully functioning association.

Newcomers and old hands at poultry breeding come together to learn and grow together; they help each other to promote the breed; achieve breeding perfection according to set standards through the development and improvement of the Serama traits and characteristics. SCNA provides educational programs for breeders and the licensing of judges for this breed as well as a geographical distribution of district clubs that encompass groups of states (or provinces). By joining the SCNA family of breeders, exhibitors, and hobbyists, a greater number of well-bred flocks in North America according to type, hardiness, reproductive qualities, size, etc., members take advantage of the developments of the use of scientific genetic knowledge for color breeding through color projects established to incorporate and recognize the breed in the poultry world at large while also maintaining the non-color aspects of the breed to have access to genetic material for further study.

Friday the 23rd. The Definitive Voice of the Serama in North America
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