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Who and what are Co-Reps and how do they function?


Co-Reps are like a right-hand to the Dist Reps and the State Reps. The Dist Reps and State Reps have the opportunity to choose someone they know and someone they would prefer to work with closely -- if none available, they are free to select an SCNA member from their state or from any one of the states in their district. To have them be elected would force a relationship between complete strangers ... it just seems to make better sense this way.

District Club Reps and State Reps have the ability to appoint a SCNA member to assist them -- it makes sense from the standpoint that people who know each other work together well. At the same time, in case of a short or long absence ... the Co-reps can step in and fill-in so that SCNA business can continue as normally as possible. Also, someone who has served as a Co-Rep would be an excellent candidate to move up to the Dist Club Rep and/or State Rep positions.

Dist Club Reps are elected positions and the general membership residing in the particular states comprising a district will actually vote for the candidates that are either nominated (the nominations committee must have their acceptance ahead of time) or individual members may apply for those positions to be considered candidates by providing a personal statement just like everyone else that needs to be elected. The State Reps are actually appointed by Dist Reps.

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