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When do members meet as an association? How and when do elections take place? Which positions do members get to vote for?


SCNA holds quarterly meetings to encourage the exchange of ideas and information in order to keep the membership abreast of recent events, news, and items of interest to all. A Newsletter is published on the SCNA website on a quarterly basis to provide a summary of the most recent meeting. An annual membership meeting (held in November) serves a dual purpose - an opportunity for an annual national meet for the exhibition of Serama poultry (as organized by the Serama Governing Council) as well as the occasion to summarize and receive the reports of SCNA standing committee work on a yearly basis.

Elections take place every other year prior to the annual meeting and/or any amendments, or changes to the C&BL are considered at that time - Refer to the By-Laws - Art. 10 - Amendments to be approved by the SCNA Membership. The new officers of the association are presented to the membership during the annual meeting and are installed on the following January 1st. Refer to the By-Laws -- Art. 4 - SCNA Fiscal and Official Year, Offices up for Elections, the Elections and Tallying Commission, Process of Elections, Limitations-Restrictions, Notice of Elections, Manner of Elections, Voting, Counting of Ballots, Notification.

Looking at the membership from the standpoint of a "pyramid" - the general membership is the base - then, members vote for their corresponding District Club Rep. according to the state (or province) in which they live. District Club Reps choose State (or Provincial) Reps to assist them and work with them. Each District Club Rep and State (or Provincial) selects a Co-Rep to work hand-in-hand with him or her. Also, the members vote for the Officers of the non-profit corporation, or the top of the pyramid -- the President, the Vice-President, the Executive Secretary and the Treasurer. Members must have completed at least one (1) year of membership to run for office. The District Club Reps vote for their District Clubs Council Chair, Vice-Chair, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer, the first two must have been a member of the association for two (2) years and must have served at least one (1) term of two (2) years as District Club Rep.

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