How did the Serama breed arrive in North America?


Kim Theodore, of Illinois, imported a small number of Serama from Malaysia in 2001. In August of that same year, Jerry Schexnayder, of Louisiana, imported a large enough number of birds (approx. 130) to consist of a breeding flock to get Serama established in this part of the world. It was he who envisioned the creation of a Serama council of expert poultry breeders to assure the future of this breed in North America. And, Serama poultry were introduced to the American public via the Ohio National, Columbus; a show in Lincoln, Nebraska; and, another venue in Tucson, Arizona, that same year.
Thus, Jerry Schexnayder, as its Founding Father, established a non-profit corporation in 2003. The first ever Serama Show in the US, was held in conjunction with the Ohio National in 2003. The following spring a Serama Only Show, the Cajun Classic, was held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
An Internet website was created in 2006 where people could come together and share ideas as well as help promote the breed and to welcome new enthusiasts into this enjoyable activity. Since the year 2003 and up until the end of this year, the year 2008, people who have joined SCNA are classified and recognized as Charter Members or the Founding Membership.